Sunday, June 3, 2012

For Your Orange Wedding...Or Just Because

Etsy Treasury lists make me happy. Not just because some feature my centerpieces, that is part of it, wink wink, but because these lists bring together such an array of handmade items... a dress, a decorative pillow to brighten your home, a hair flower to add the finishing touch to your wedding look. The possibilities on Etsy are amazing. I love to showcase Etsy talent, check out this Treasury list that Etsy seller TINKER created called "Orange Burst". What is a Treasury list? It's a list that any Etsy shop owner or buyer can create to showcase some of their favorite finds on Etsy.

 Click the link to see the : Orange Burst Treasury List

Orange Dress by Etsy shop xoUda
My Lily centerpiece by RoxyInspirations

Orange Throw Pillow by Etsy shop KainKain

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