Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shop of the Week: Prima Paperie

When I was planning my destination wedding last year, I discovered I was blown away by all the possibilities! Hand painted champagne flutes to match my wedding colors? Matching vintage jewelry sets for my bridesmaids? Yes please! While my budget didn’t allow me to buy everything I found, I was inspired to create my own reception centerpieces at  a fraction of the cost.

This is why each week I will feature an Etsy shop, to showcase the talent and creativity that inspired me. This week I present Amanda West from Prima Paperie.  Get to know her and her shop a bit more with my Q&A below!

Chateau Gift Tags by PrimaPaperie

How did you first discover Etsy?
I first discovered Etsy through a creative friend of mine that also sells her beautiful handmade items. Once I found out about this amazing site, I immediately fell in love with all the handmade items that are showcased on Etsy.

Why did you decide to start a shop? Were you encouraged by something or someone?
I have always had a love for handmade items and loved creating things since I was a child. Etsy has so much to offer and I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of this unique handmade community. My husband serves in the US Navy and it is very difficult to find a new job every time we have to change duty stations. He has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and most importantly do what makes me happy. He saw what great joy I got out of creating paper goods and thought I had potential in selling my items. Once I showed him what Etsy was all about, he started encouraging me to open up an Etsy shop. After a few months of building up my inventory, I opened up Prima Paperie. 

How do you print your designs? do you use special machinery? by hand? briefly explain your design process for 1 particular item.
All of my vintage inspired paper goods are stamped and made by hand using different inking and blending techniques to give each item its own unique "antiqued" look. I have always been inspired by vintage items, so I thought it would be great to incorporate my love for vintage items into my unique paper goods. 

What does your workstation look like? Do you work at home or have a separate space?
My work station consists of a large Martha Stewart Craft Space table and an eight drawer flat file cabinet to store my overly abundant supply of paper and crafting items! I have my own little studio set up in my home, which I really enjoy! My sweet Shiba Inu (dog), Mia, loves to hang out with me and keep me company while I work. 

Amanda's work space

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  1. Wonderful feature! I'm off to check out her shop now! ;-)